Our company, SUZUKO, was established in 1979.
Since then we have been supporting the wood-working factories for manpower-saving.
We have specialized in the material-handling-systems and in order to meet the many
different of customers' request, we have been improving our systems year by year.
At the year 2000, we have developed the high-spped moulder line (with 300m/min)
and even now it is working at the customer sight.

As we all know each customer has different reqirement. Based on our many years' experiences,
we are very much specialized to desgin the lines which are the kind of made- to order for each
customer. And we belive that this custom-made line can be the solution for the each customer.

Now a days, there are so many high-performance machinaries from the many of manufacturers
all over the world. In order to work with these machinaries efficiently or to end up with high production,
the design or the whole plan of the production lines and the handling-sytems will be the key to the answer
of the factories. Therefore we strongly belive that our experiences can be the solution for each of
the customer, not only in Japan but wherever it is.

company location
HEAD FACTORY : 656 Ominato-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken, 516-0001 JAPAN
Tel: +81-596-36-4320 / fax: +81-596-31-0021
SECOND FACTORY : 902-2 Ominato-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken, 516-0001 JAPAN
TOKYO OFFICE : 3-41-12 Haimatsu, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama-ken, 334-0062 JAPAN
OSAKA OFFICE : 7 Arakawa Buildong, 3-6-30, Noda-cho, Kishiwada-shi,
Osaka-fu, 596-0076 JAPAN
foundation: : 1979
capital : 20,000,000 (yen)
employee : 50

Hight-Speed Molder Line Automatic Ripping Line With
Lumber Bunding & Strapping machine
Full Automatic Stacker
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